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sent a message to Sarah Mycroft.

It is the bold and the brave that succeed and the road to success is shorter than the one which many believe is impossible

Your inspiration to everyone is remarkable,

 Congratulations to you Sarah and your passion to stand out from the rest...Warmest regards from Alan Fullard


Sarah is here now "dont let her out of your sight'      These Boots are made for running

Sarah Mycroft arrives in Brisbane 

Sarah's target  "Take Brisbane by storm" not exactly it was light rain: Nine News

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My goal is to set the New World Record to be the First Woman to Run Around Australia.

During my journey I will be promoting a healthy lifestyle through organic eating and showing the young generation how to easily avoid the many pollutants of our time.

As my motto suggests I am not one keen on excuse making, I am out to empower our youth by showing them the strength gained by combining tough mental and elite physical attitudes together.

I am enthusiastic to create the longest online "virtual race" known. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your ability. The aim is simply to get out there and feel the improvements.

I am setting the stage to encourage people of all ages to join me in my run by forming teams of runners to match my 60km a day.

Members are welcome to pledge their target distance per week and log on their results weekly. Team results will be plotted on a map alongside my trip.

For only $25 per relay stage which goes towards charity it's a great way to join in and get fit and healthy at the same time!


 Update with Sara's progress since she departed the steps of the  Sydney Opera House on Sunday

 morning 4th April 2010 which was broadcast live on Channel 10 News

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Sarah beginning her journey will create headlines greater than she has already achieved during her sporting history  

Sarah Mycroft, Sporting History.

                       1997: (aged 20) 3 Week 1000 km Solo Ride from Belgium to Spain on a Recumbent Bicycle

                       2000: 4 Week-2000km bike ride from Sydney Harbour Bridge to Gladstone QLD.


                   16 competitive Marathons (42.195km each)

Best marathon time: 2 hours 49mins 38sec.

                       1997 2nd place Under 20years girl Frankfurt Marathon (3 hours 42mins)

                            1997 Dortmund Marathon

                            1998 Hamburg (3 hours 19mins)

                            1998 Berlin Marathon (3 hours 42mins)

                            1998 Frankfurt Marathon (3 hours 42mins)

                            1998 Athens Marathon (4 hours 20mins)

                            1999 Sydney Cities Marathon (4 hours 05mins)

                            1999 Sydney Marathon (3 hours 18mins)

                            2000 Melbourne Marathon (3 hours 08mins)

                            2002 20th girl London Marathon (2 hours 49mins)

                            2002 2nd girl Sydney Marathon (2 hours 55mins)

                            2003 2nd girl Sydney Marathon (2 hours 53mins)

                            2007 21st girl Frankfurt Marathon (2hours 50mins)

Best City to Surf Placing: 8th Girl NSW Female Long Distance Runner of the Year: 2001- 2004

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 Ten News at Sydney Opera House Sunday 4th April 2010 10am, Sarah Mycroft is setting a New World Record to be the first woman to run around Australia. Media, and TV coverage of her challenging 60km a day to cover 15,000km in 250 days


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