I could not reach my goal without the pillar of support from sponsors.

My goal is to set a New World Record to be the First Woman to Run Around Australia.

During my journey I will be promoting a healthy lifestyle through organic eating and

 showing the young generation how to easily avoid the many pollutants of our time.

As my motto suggests I am not one keen on excuse making, I am out to empower our

 youth by showing them the strength gained by combining tough mental and elite

 physical attitudes together.

I am enthusiastic to create the longest online "virtual race" known. Everyone is welcome,

no matter what your ability. The aim is simply to get out there and feel the improvements.

I am setting the stage to encourage people of all ages to join me in my run by forming

 teams of runners to match my 60km a day.

Members are welcome to pledge their target distance per week and log on their results weekly.

 Team results will be plotted on a map alongside my trip.

For only $25 per relay stage which goes towards charity it's a great way to join in and get fit

 and healthy at the same time! "details at the bottom of this page".

The Schools

When we are near Primary or High Schools, I will be visiting students along the way. In return

 for a small fee that goes to charity, students can attend the 1 hour seminars on:

  • the run, the journey and the cause
  • promoting fitness and health in life
  • setting personal aims and striving for individual goals
  • avoiding drugs in the teenage years

The children will be encouraged to consider their ambitions in adulthood, discuss their dreams

 and have an opportunity to ask questions about the run and what drives me and, of course,

 recycling for a better more sustainable clean world.

Following the seminar we will go outside and do a lap around the school playground or oval.

On completion the children will receive a 'onelapnoexcuses' souvenir.

See below for updates and photos of the schools we've visited:

  • QLD:
  • NT:
  • WA:
  • SA:
  • VIC:
  • TAS:
  • NSW:
  • ACT:

 Tahmoor Driving School 0408426379 Lic 008561 

                    Run to Grab A Grand 

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