This page was presented by my dear friend Michael Mullally "the villian from Ballymore"...During my younger years Michael was my close friend and mentor for the school books which I used to copy from and deliberately make errors so that it was not the same as Michaels & now I am a perfectionist at making mistakes. It is really great to say Michael & I are still great friends just like yesterday, Thank you for the photos Michael :)

You build a ship for your children and teach them how to survive

They will take on board the stranger and mount the ocean tide

When their ship is far from shore and no room for you on board

Pride will be their ships master as far from you they will go

Their ships one-day will flounder, and they have to swallow their pride

It may be to late to rekindle the love they have left behind

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The best partnership is the union of self-reliant people who know themselves well, and seek to understand and support each other in all ways 

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