One Lap no Excuses Picture Gallery

Sarah's Support Group

 Danielle Gore 23-year-old Drama Media Portsmouth,  Uni graduate from Oxford, UK, has joined the crew with  her traveling buddy Kezia. Dani jumped at the opportunity to come on this amazing traveling venture.

 It’s going to be like no other backpackers story! Dani believes in

Sarah 100% and may even take up running! But for now, she is happy to be the one to get Sarah up out of Bed at 5am give her a glass of water, make sure she's got her shoes laces done up tight, wish her well...... then go back to bed!                   

Kezia Walton 22-year-young Drama English graduate from  East London who is keen to learn to surf 

 Luke Axsentieff and “Simba "the Boarder Collie" 

22 year Aussie born Luke has come along to keep the pom v's Aus balance in check 

"The man and his dog" the 6year old ex show dog to keep us all amused with its' tricks

 Luke will be at the helm of our converted bus and  is looking forward to seeing more of this great country                              

Steve Calvert 28-years permanent traveler applied for a plumbing job at Sarah’s farm and found himself on this journey around Aus Steve will be with us until Broome, and he hopes to jog up to 10km a day alongside Sarah, then cover some distance on the bike of course he will also help  Luke with campsite location and the bus

Sarah preparing the pack up on Saturday 3rd April in preparation

 for a run round Australia next morning "she is excited".


 Lizzie Simmons: I retired from private nursing a few years ago so need a new challenge. I am married to a retired fire fighter and have 3 sons, 4 grandchildren and 2 great granddaughters. We have done lots of travelling, prefering to keep ogg the tourist track ready to meet the unexpected

Sarahand I have talked about this trip for ovrt 14 years and now it's about to happen, It's great to be on board, so let's go!!!!! 

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