At Bicentennial Park just north of Ballina a local chap called Andy asked me for my autograph, he produced a medical report of his condition to sign. As I wrote on it “Keep your dreams on track, Keep your excuses at bay & your reasons alive, Sarah Mycroft. Ballina, April 2010.

Day 14, there's a funny mix of folk out on these roads  

There's a funny mix of folk out on these roads that seem to trickle by our campsite one at a time

 to tell their story or to listen to my own tales of running.

Mainly the travelers want to know how long I've been on the road, how many pairs of Mizuno shoes I'll need, how many kilometers I've run that morning or, when they catch site of my energetic young ones spill off the bus and onto the play equipment, squealing and yahooing they stand agog and ask; “just how do you do it?”.

But the ones with their own stories are very welcome... as I sit at the picnic tables in a driver reviver or town's park, gathering together some vacant scraps of energy left from the mornings' 30km onslaught there is nothing better than the talkative folk who have their own stories to share. I can manage a slight nod or a timely raised eyebrow; amazing people of the world have amazing lessons to teach me.


At Bicentennial Park just north of Ballina a local chap called Andy asked me for my autograph, he produced a medical report of his condition to sign. As I wrote on it “Keep your dreams on track, Keep your excuses at bay & your reasons alive, Sarah Mycroft. Ballina, April 2010.” He explained openly to the crew and myself about his suicide attempt 5 years ago, which left him heavily injured and dependent again on his mother to nurse him back to reasonable health.

 He still suffers the constant pain to this day. Seemingly in good spirits though after his chat to us, not

 only was he first to ask for my autograph, but also my hand in marriage.  

Lovely bloke that Andy, but I had to decline as time was running out before I had to hit the road again for the evening session.

 Before he left he pointed out another lady that had been staying at the park for a few nights, living in

 her car, which displayed a large “For Sale” notice on it. He introduced us... what a remarkable lady she is...78 year old Tonie Woodman, an American traveling the world. I'd noticed her earlier when she had

 walked over to our vehicles to write down my website. Andy had told her I'd love to have a talk with her, but she had a few things to do before she could come over to our tables. Now, getting about her daily rituals she was clearly very busy with her morning exercises.

 Her tall lean frame looked yet agile for her age. She was standing holding a glass jar full of water in

 each hand lifting them as dumbbells. Her next exercise was leg lifts; she lay on the park bench and did her raises, not caring for what anyone may think, here was a woman who I liked immediately.

Not wanting to interrupt her routine I waited to talk to her after her exercise and she was soon tucking into breakfast, then cleaning out her car. After that she sauntered over to talk to us. Oh the tales, and what a woman of my own heart.

 She was living quite a tight existence, so, after a while of chitchat, I proffered the question... “So how do you fund all your travels”. Tonie looked at her watch, it was 9am. “Well, I suppose you asked...” by 9:22am when she stopped talking,


I had heard the most amazing tale of a single mother of 2 in her 30's with the gumption of a lion.

 The woman had bought “handyman specials” houses for renovation, renovated them and rented them out or sold them.

 She told me that back in the day, there were no banks to lend a mortgage, so people just bought a house from the owner and paid with interest. She said that one man had only last year just finished paying her off a 30-year loan!!! 

She said that there was no real reason for her living so tightly, but it was just her way. She dreamed of living her last days in New York and dancing on a cruise ship, “Oh my, I love to dance”. What a wonderful woman. 

Sarah Mycroft. Ballina, April 2010.” 

Many Thanks to the Cook family from Singelton who have made a generous donation towards One Lap No Excuses and the wonderful workers at the Mindd Foundation

And that short sharp question

That short sharp question that is repeatedly asked of Sarah Mycroft

 as she paces strongly on around this wonderful country of ours... "WHY". 

That question has a new answer today!.
Getting off to a late start at the beach-side town of Wooli was too beautiful to leave behind this morning.
Sarah with her children and crew drove to the start point of her run today "Friday", they dropped in at Kanga Chemical Free Fruit & Vegetable Farm where Calvin & Michelle Peuser and their daughter Kaitlyn treated Sarah to a delicious box of home grown chemical free produce.
The Peusers started their farm some years ago when a close friend chose to "chemical detox" her way out of a cancer condition. Unfortunately the chemical free change was a little too late for their friend, but they have continued to produce more and more goods on their 25acre pesticide-free country.
As Sarah and her kids bit into lovely vine ripened bananas, the creamy texture was just rewards for the km's traveled so far. The "real" fresh taste of the banana was testament to it's goodness, and a far cry from it's supermarket shelf cousin, bananas that are "gassed" to give a ripened appearance, with their fluffy immature textures worlds away from the "real thing".
Bananas aside, the roadside farm shop was brimming with good organic produce, teaming with fantastic vitamins and minerals. All essential for healthy bodies and healthy minds....
Thanks to Calvin & Michelle Peuser and their daughter Kaitlyn and the MINDD Foundation for their wonderful research into combatting the "new age" chemical driven diseases of our times with essentially good and nutritional Medicines.


Sarah Mycroft. 


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